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Fred Busch

Formulating Chemist - BioSyn Inc.

Bachelor of Science from Rutgers University ChemistryFellowship study in theoretical Organic Chemistry.Courses in polymer chemistry Hercules Polymer Chemistry School.

Fred is co-owner of ByoSyn LLC and his extensive experience includes the following:

  • Research at DuPont Research Labs On Prosthetics Using Electron Beam cure.

  • Hold Patent for Hot Melt Gasketing in Place Cure, and a Patent for EVA cure by Electron Beam.

  • Developed Radio Frequency Cure Materials for packaging.

  • Sherwin Williams: Developed polymers for coatings including, epoxies, urethanes, water borne polyesters, alkyds and modified acrylics.

  • Chemical Products: Developed packaging coatings, sealants and adhesives to meet FDA requirements for food contact surfaces.

  • Developed gaskets for beverage containers using EB cure mechanisms.

  • West Chester Chemical: Developed FDA compliant coatings and sealants.


Consulting work after retirement:

  • SPI - Developed polyurea coatings

  • IPI - Developed urethane systems for use in food and general packaging. Investigated antimicrobials for packaging stability.

  • ByoCoat Enterprises, Inc. - Developed anti-microbial systems for reducing those problems associated with listeria, salmonella and e-Coli in poultry and meat. Also developed germicidal cleaners for institutional use.

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