Electrostatic Spray Systems - The Correct Way to Sanitize and Disinfect Your Residential or Commercial Space


The challenge with sanitizing using a common spray bottle is that there is no possibility that the solution will reach all surfaces which harbor viruses and bacteria making it very Ineffective. 

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Coverage for you and your customer's Protection , Safety and Health

MyCoSpray uses a highly efficient Electrostatic Spray System to deliver sanitizers & disinfecting solutions to every surface for complete microscopic coverage of every unseen nook and cranny.  Dropets at 40 microns reach everywhere.
The process ensures that the solution makes contact with all surface bacteria and viruses as each of the charged droplets reaches deep into microscopic areas where these pathogens exist.
High Touch, Low Touch & Everything In Between
We provide complete solution coverage on top, underneath & behind all exposed surfaces including:  all door handles, door casings, light switches, desks, tables, chairs, walls, floors, ceilings, shelves, cabinet handles & doors, office equipment, printers, touch screens, fixtures, furniture, common areas, home & office communal bathroom and kitchen surfaces, common areas.

Two Styles of Electrostatic Sprayers we Use to meet the Demand for Thorough Sanitizing and Disinfecting