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Water Conservation

SprayTraQ's Solutions

The proprietary electrostatic spray method is a DRY-CLEAN SYSTEM using less than 1qt of sanitizing liquid per treatment. The overuse of water, an obvious concern in California and the Southwest US, along with reclamation costs and other environmentally related issues are addressed with the SprayTraQ system.

Going Green While Saving Money

Consider The Following

Water Conservation

Water flowing through a 100 ft. hose at 1/2" diameter and @ 40 psi equals 6 gallons per minute. At the average wash out of 20 minutes this equates to 120 gallons.  The commercial numbers of 60 psi and 3/4'' diameter = 22 gallons per minute.

Water Usage per Refrigerated Truck Washout

Environmental Water Savings

  • No wasted water - conventional truck wash wastes over 100 gallons per wash and increases bacteria counts

  • No contaminated water run-off - to collect and treat before going back into environment

  • No toxic chemicals or VOC’s added to the environment during the process

  • No wasted driver time, fuel, engine idle time or unit drying time as with conventional wash out

  • No harmful environmental effects - product is biodegradable in the event of a spill

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