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Dina Wiltshire


A seasoned professional with a 25-year career spent in Information Technology, Dina designed and developed solutions for call centers, unified communications and infrastructure management. Prior to her involvement with BEI Ms. Wiltshire worked with an entrepreneurial start up addressing refrigeration engineering, further enhancing her scientific approach to creating solutions for critical business needs. Engagement Partner for Black Box, formerly Norstan, USA saw Ms. Wiltshire responsible for Canada and central USA development of consulting services in all areas of voice and a data technology.

Additionally, Dina brings her in-depth experience in disinfection and infection control and overseeing the development of innovative solutions to mitigate the spread of disease to all hospitals and patient care centers. Ms. Wiltshire has worked with chemists, doctors, research scientists and executives across America to identify, define and understand the world of disinfection and infection control, its causal affects and ultimately a solution to mitigate health care acquired infections. Through her efforts and experience, she helped patent and bring to market a 5th Generation Infection Control system. Experienced in working with hospitals, studies, data capture and management, Ms. Wiltshire proceeded to create the structure and model for a different approach to addressing Infection Control. Growing up as a child in Africa, she saw firsthand how infections destroy lives, cause untold suffering and compromise the family, the village and the country with far reaching impacts on economy and success.

Having studied Business at Oxford College, United Kingdom, Ms. Wiltshire has also completed numerous studies in leadership and information management technology.

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